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Invescorte S.A. has established a partnership agreement with topcut-bullmer GmbH, to Portugal.
Invescorte S.A remains attentive to the needs of the market and the latest technological developments, bringing together a wide range of innovations, able to provide to their customers an increased productivity and the best cost / benefit ratio, guaranteeing our customers an increase of competitiveness in their business.
In this context, Invescorte S.A has established a partnership agreement with topcut-bullmer GmbH , starting the commercialization of cutting room technological solutions.

Topcut-bullmer cutting technology

German engineering is known in the world for its design combined with outstanding functional characteristics. The users benefit from high advantage in production, high efficiency and availability and low maintenance costs.
Equivalent to the product segment of the spreading machines topcut-bullmer tracks a strategy with their cutting systems which makes sure that a wide application area is covered. It goes for single ply cutting up to high ply cutting solutions. Special cutting tools were designed to meet the various applications. Certain machines are engineered to optimize speed if throughput is demanded. Next to the cutting performance special attention was put on the material flow: A cutting machine’s productivity depends on the loading and unloading process. Therefore the interaction of the spreading and cutting technology is optimized by topcut-bullmer.
In the automotive industry conveyorized cutting-windows up to 10 m combined with front and back end transportation systems perform presently an unrivalled productivity. Material logistics also implies an ongoing subject for further developments in the area of material handling systems, i.e. for robotic based material pick-up systems

Experience versatility!

Cutting room technology by topcut-bullmer, including the whole workflow is the first choice for manufacturers that need to cut their materials with the highest precision. Solutions by topcut-bullmer cut materials in different widths, several layers and endless in length.
Target markets: industries that handle textiles (e.g. garments, upholstery, technical textiles and composites), graphic industry and automotive.
Regardless of whether it is fashion, car seats, sofas, ad banners or windmills, everything needs the correct cut! 

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